Do you regularly or occasionally need external employee within your company? 

Do you want to outsource the payroll of your company?

ICM Personal AG leases talents and handles salary payments for internal and external employees, consultants and contractors. Our dedicated support team makes it easy for your company to lease external staff in compliance with Swiss law. 


We value a direct and transparent communication in finding solutions and in providing uncomplicated support to employees.


During peak times, we will support you in urgent matters and various aspects of personnel recruitment and support.

An easy and compliant way to payroll your staff.

We offer adaptable and comprehensive solutions to Swiss and international clients and agencies, from managing your salary circle (payroll outsource), invoicing your independent contractors (consulting assignment) or source, employ and support your external staff (staff leasing). 


The different contract options underlie the fulfillment of the agreements of the specific employment model:

Staff Leasing


  • Contract (AVG), ICM Personal AG - employee
  • Focus, settlement of hours worked
  • Duration, guaranteed

Employees with a temporary employment relationship are leased by a Swiss employer (the lending employer) to a third party. The third party has the right to issue instructions to the employees and to instruct them.
Whilst leasing staff you enjoy the flexibility of being able to quickly and easily employ workers and leave any contacts with the authorities and external agencies to us. 

Payroll outsource


  • Contract (OR/NAV/GAV), You - employee
  • Focus, use of own contract
  • Duration, guaranteed in own contract

By outsourcing your payroll activities, we will pay out the wages of your employees on your behalf. You are the employer under employment contract law, ICM Personal AG is responsible and accountable for all social security matters, in accordance with Swiss legislation. 


You benefit from advantageous tax conditions on wage costs and from the flexibility of the standard employment contract (NAV).

Consulting assignment


  • Service contract (OR), ICM Personal AG - contractor
  • Focus, Fulfillment of service contract
  • Duration, not guaranteed

Die zwischen Ihnen und der externen Person vereinbarte Autragserfüllung steht bei Beratungsaufträgen im Vordergrund.


The fulfillment of the agreement between you and the external person is the main focus of the arrangement. ICM Personal AG creates the invoice for the work performed, thus eliminating the risk of false self-employment.
Neither you nor ICM Personal AG have the sole right to give instructions to the external person. The external person does not work exclusively at your site and with your materials and can determine the working hours himself.

Questions to the contract models?


How it works

Definition of requirements

Contract setup & onboarding

On assignment

You tell us what services you need and we’ll gather the necessary data from external staff and provide you with a solution proposal.

Once you and your external employees have signed the respective contracts, we provide to your external staff all necessary information about temporary work in Switzerland. 

During the employment ICM Personal AG guarantees the salary payment, a dedicated employee support and your business continuity once contracts come to an end or are extended.