Looking for a transparent, legally compliant payroll partner that combines all the security of employment with the freedom of an independent contractor?

ICM Personal AG supports staff in the job search and gives external staff the freedom to work independently while also enjoying the benefits of employee status.
Our adaptable and comprehensive recruitment and payroll solutions for external labour and outsourcing simply the job search and payroll solutions for external labour and outsourcing lets you carry out your professional activities independently while benefiting from the protected status of an employee.


Our focus is on direct and transparent communication with you as a company and efficient, uncomplicated support for employees. If required, we support you in urgent matters and various aspects of personnel recruitment and support.

Employment models

We offer you a suitable solution for different work model, regardless of whether you charge your services through your own company (consulting assignment) or whether you are employed by us as an internal employee (payroll outsource) or as an external employee (staff leasing).


The different contract options underline the fulfillment of the agreement of the specific employment model.

Staff leasing


  • AVG, external employee - ICM Personal AG
  • Agreement, settlement of worked hours
  • Duration, guaranteed

You are employed and payroll through ICM Personal AG. You are paid for the hours worked, which are defined in your employment contract.
The assignment company has the right to give you instructions. 

Payroll outsource


  • OR/NAV/AVG, employee - ICM Personal AG
  • Agreement, use of own contracts
  • Duration, guaranteed in own contracts

In terms of labour law, you are employed by the employing company and in terms of social security you are employed by ICM Personal AG. 


You are paid for the agreed wage that is specified in your employment contract.

Consulting Assigment


  • OR, contractor - ICM Personal AG, commission
  • Agreement, fulfillment of service contract
  • Duration, not guaranteed

ICM Personal AG creates the invoice for the work performed, thus eliminating the risk of false self-employment.


The external person does not work exclusively at your site and with your materials and can determine the working hours himself.

Questions to the contract models?


How it works


On boarding & Payroll

Off boarding

You provide us with personal information and the specifics of your contract, and we provide you with a detailed estimate of your expected earnings.

We handle all personal administration, provide you with a step-by-step guide to the payroll process and promptly pay your salary after receiving your approved timesheet.

We take care of all personal and administrative formalities and advise you on the following steps once your contract comes to an end or is extended.